Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stock Shockkk!!!

I was new to this world of Stock gambling, had heard a lot from friends about Equity, trading, Stocks, BSE, NSE, Nifty, ETF’s and all the jargons related to this business, but was never interested in knowing or following any of them. But everyday my friends had this common topic of discussion, Sensex was up by 300 points, the market looks volatile today and so on and so forth…I started feeling left out. What the heck, I opened a demat account; I thought I am wise enough to do well. Even after some of my friend’s opposition, that’s its risky, it’s like gambling and you should first do some research, study and then invest. I created a demat account and brought some shares..One of this share that I got, the next day suddenly was down by 200Rs..Jeez I was about to die from heart attack..I was scared stiff and cursed myself for my hard earned money was all lost now..I started believing and making myself believe, no something is wrong in the system, how can a stock suddenly go 200Rs down all at once.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Aesop’s ghost started haunting me. All the morals and lessons of his fables were dancing and flashing in front of my eyes in huge 36 sized Times New Roman.

Look before you leap.               The greedy who want more lose all.

                         Even the wise must recognize their limits.

Every tale is not to be believed.         Figures are not always facts.

                    Everyone is more or less master of his own fate.

The next day my friends were discussing about this company, that it had declared a bonus of 5:2 shares, so the stock price got divided and the price is now almost 200rs low. Oh boy! I regained all my lost breath, my heart was back in place, beating normally. Me acting the smart arse, immediately opined, “I told you guys to invest in this company, I knew this company is doing good, you see no reason I had invested such a huge amount in this company”.

Lessons Learnt….Heck ya!!!


Rohit said...

a smart arse and a big mouth that u are and will be; no doubt about it... :P
good going... :)

Yamini said...

no risk, no gain.... Am glad that the chances u took, finally proved positive and continue to grow...
Wishing you a happy trading.. :D
it was a good read.. :)